Design, create and fabricate, Safe and Simple machines of the highest quality, ensuring projects will finish on time.

The concept of the equipment starts with the definition of it’s main characteristics (type & capacity), but design efforts are then moved towards the important details: Interaction with the superstructure and limited reactions on it. BWI’s experience in this field allows for a strong and competent support through the right choice.


Our head design team based in Italy, it’s entirely dedicated to designing machines for bridge building and heavy handling. All designs (including hydraulics and electrical circuitry), are in line with the latest European Standards in terms of structural dimensioning and safety.

BWI’s R&D department is constantly looking for easier and more modern ways to improve its design, offering better solutions to its clients.


Bridge building machines are fabricated in house at Wowjoint Holdings LTD. Faculties in Beijing and Zhenjiang.

All commercial components are First Quality Brands European, with worldwide servicing.

Wowjoint Holdings LTD. Beijing machines are ISO 9001 certified.

Today our group has supplied more than 100 bridge building machines worldwide, and continues to grow.

Prepare Technical and Commercial support for Bidding.



BWI Consulting is the support network for complicated and heavy infrastructure jobs; prefabrication Industries, bridge building, harbor, yatch club, wind power etc.

Our professional team analyzes, invents and fabricates some of the most complex machines used in handling heavy components; BWI’s goal is to design and create safe and simple equipment that covers all the requirements of the job.

The priority is to assure the safest condition when using our equipment. The machines are customized designed for each project, but easy to use. We are conscious of each machine and try to make them easy enough to avoid any unnecessary dangers that may happen to the operator.


Today’s infrastructures must withstand more challenging obstacles: Projects are mostly being developed in areas that have harsher weather conditions; extremely hot temperatures, deep waters, areas prone to Typhoons etc., also, traffic diversion has to be reduced at minimum.

Working together with clients is about ‘Quality’. This creates the foundation for a successful and smooth process.

Quality is not just about working, but starts with the most advanced design developed by an extremely experienced team (BWI Consulting, who are based in Italy). Quality is about giving the client what they really need for the project, even if sometimes it’s not what the project requires at the beginning. Quality is about bringing 30 years of experience to today’s most challenging projects and help resolve or avoid potential problems.

All raw materials are Quality certified and re-checked both upon arrival and along the process to avoid any defects. The entire machine is built, preassembled and tested in-house (Steel structures, electrical, and hydraulic circuits. All components used are from main international brands.

Our Technical Team are experts in machine building and analyzing the best approach to achieving clients plan. The Team is available on a World scale ensuring a quick and professional response



The one thing that allows BWI to work better and to help the client save money: An Early Approach.

Communication with the client, releasing proposals and providing support at the earliest possible time is the key to success. With this approach we can determine the exact solution needed for the project, both in terms of equipment and impact on the jobsite. For example, when erecting a bridge, a casting yard, a shipyard or a jobsite. Once decided on the right equipment, it is easier to accomplish the work.